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Naturopathic Emotional Health Therapy – Depression, Anxiety and Addictions

As a holistic primary care physician, naturopathic doctor and traditional Chinese medical practitioner, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff takes into account both external and internal factors when evaluating the mental and emotional health of an individual and how these factors develop into physical diseases. She understands that your mental/emotional state directly correlate to your physical health and well-being, and structures her naturopathic healing accordingly. As a naturopathic doctor, she knows that mental and emotional disharmony may lead to disease, and that disease may lead to mental and emotional disharmony. Dr. Ostroff becomes your personalized health coach, evaluating your health using advanced technology, balancing your body with the appropriate supplementation and implementing treatments specific to your individual needs. She knows that, in health there is happiness. According to traditional Chinese medicine, ALL DISEASE BEGINS WITH THE EMOTIONS. Dr. Joy learned this firsthand while understanding, caring for and resolving her health issues—of which she had many—prior to 1991, when she wholeheartedly decided to take herself on in a very holistic fashion, working from the inside out to correct her health mentally, emotionally and physiologically. She is now ready to assist you on your personal and most rewarding journey, through the use of acupuncture, stress management and stress relief and anger management.

Improvement in attitudes and emotions can be important elements in healing from disease, so it is important to know how to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia en route to natural healing and holistic health.Counseling and stress management therapeutic techniques may be utilized as part of a comprehensive holistic health recovery program, as well as Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff studied psychology for six years at both the University of Delaware and University of Oregon, graduating with honors with a B.A. in psychology. This education, plus her psychotherapy training and experience with clinical psychology, hypnotherapy, meditation, prayer, affirmation work and dreams, gives her a host of tools to draw from when working with patients to assist them in moving through areas in their lives where they feel stuck. The changes made in the heart affect the mind; those made to the body affect the emotions; and those shifts made in thoughts and decisions affect your whole being.Our thoughts affect our words, our words affect our behavior, our behavior creates habits, our habits translate to our personality and our personality dictates our reality. Whatever you are thinking right now is your contribution to the universe in this moment. Allow Hawaii naturopathic doctors and Hawaii acupuncture to help improve your outlook and health.

Psycho-Neuro-Immunity—The Relationship Between the Mind, Body and Immune System

Psycho-neuro-immunity is the study of how circumstances affect our lives—how the way we interpret events in our lives affects our physical being, our hormones, our neurological pathways and abilities to make rational decisions, our immune systems and our whole beings.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, everything is caused by the emotions. The nature of our reactions to life’s challenges and our emotional responses lead to a variety of symptom pictures.

In the five-element theory in traditional Chinese medicine, every organ has an associated emotion, color, time of day, season, sensory organ, taste, corresponding body part, element in nature and an associated set of symptoms when out of balance. Acupuncture for depression and acupuncture for anxiety are just two of the many possible treatments available to deal with symptoms of stress.

A couple of examples of this are as follows:

The liver is said to store the emotions, particularly anger, envy and jealousy. It’s associated color is green. The element in nature is wood. Imbalances of the liver manifest in the tendons and muscles, shine through the eyes, and health or imbalance is reflected in the fingernails and toenails. The taste associated with the liver is bitter. Bitter greens can treat liver imbalances.

The kidneys are associated with fear. The color is black, imbalances show up in the knees and low back, and the sensory organs are the ears. The taste is salty and the element is water. Imbalances in the kidneys or the way the body assimilates fluids will be reflected in urinary tract, bladder or even certain hormonal conditions.

When working with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff in Honolulu, Oahu, your symptoms will not be treated in isolation without evaluating and properly caring for the emotional aspects of your condition.

Why you and your body collaborated to create this “opportunity to heal” will be discovered and uncovered. According to the principles of naturopathic medicine, “the disease is the cure.” It is often only when we get sick that we actually take the time to seriously take care of our health. Why wait another minute? Find out why you are feeling stressed, and why your body is calling out for healing. “Your health is in your hands.”

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