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Our weight loss clinic at the Center for Natural Healing provides Hawaii’s first and only non-surgical weight loss treatments with the Zerona Lipo Laser. Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, N.D., specializes in the Zerona weight loss treatment in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. If you are desiring to lose unwanted body fat without invasive surgery, then ask us about Zerona laser treatments. Also ask us about its awesome results for body contouring. Lose weight quickly with Zerona® laser treatments that do not incorporate anesthesia, numbing agents, needles or any surgery. After every weight loss treatment, each patient is able to return to their daily activities. That’s right—there is no downtime at all, with absolutely no restructuring of your daily schedule. Invasive weight loss surgery can at times have many dangerous effects, but Zerona is completely external, with awesome results. The Zerona laser scanner functions perfectly, emulsifying fat and then passing it through the body by natural detoxification. All of your Zerona treatments for weight loss are completed within two weeks, and each treatment lasts for only 40 minutes, during which time you can read or do absolutely nothing, without any pain during the treatment. One of the nicest parts about Zerona is that it does not omit any heat or any sensation whatsoever during treatments. Our Zerona technicians will position the Zerona laser on the front side body areas where you desire to lose weight, for a treatment of 20 minutes, and then finish with the back side of your body for an additional 20 minutes. One of the nicest perks is that, upon leaving the program, you will feel great, with no discomfort. Zerona is the perfect symptom-free process for losing weight. Ultra Slim Red-Light Body Contouring



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What is Zerona Non-Invasive Laser Body Contouring?

In a series of six 40-minute treatments over a two-week period, using Erchonia’s Zerona low-level laser in combination with naturopathic detoxification protocols specific to YOUR body’s needs,  You will be astonished by the Zerona laser treatment before and after difference. The procedure is totally non-invasive. There is no pain, no risk, no surgery and no recovery time. Erchonia’s Zerona is also effective at reducing fat deposits in the neck and upper arms. Dr. Joy Ostroff offers Zerona non-intrusive laser body contouring in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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