*A New Life

My first visit to Dr. Ostroff on June 6, 2005. Today is June 21, 2005 and I feel like I’ve never felt before in my life. The reason for my visit to Dr. Joy is because of a work injury that re-occurred in April 2005. My injury described as a whiplash injury had been treated in 2002 by a medical doctor who prescribed endless pain medication and about 8 steroid shots.

In April 2005 the headaches and neck pains came back. I first went to see a chiropractor, who tried to help me with my problem. He did his best but with no success referred me to another medical doctor. He prescribed me 3 different types of medications and had set an appointment for trigger point injections. My gut feeling told me this wouldn’t be a good idea to this to myself again. I then found Dr. Joy Ostroff. I made my appointment and my first visit with Dr. Joy I knew this is where I belonged. I cancelled all further appointments with the medical doctor and chiropractor. I began seeing Dr. Joy twice a week and with all her knowledge, acupuncture, and a change in my diet and replacing my body with vitamins its been lacking on for so long. Im on the high road to recovery. Ive never felt better, healthier, and younger. Here is a refreshness about myself that I haven’t been able to feel in years. Dr. Joy gave me back my life. I have 3 children they can see the difference as well as my husband, they can be more thrilled with the results than I am. I know I’ll be back to work earlier than I thought, and believe me getting back to work will not stop me from continuing to see Dr. Joy. I’ve told many people about Dr. Joy and when they make their appointment there they will not regret it. I’m very glad and fortunate to have been take care of by such a wonderful person. She really cares about all her patients. Thank again Dr. Joy!

Lisa P.

June 21 2005




*Results may vary from person to person.

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