*It works.
I’ve allowed my work and busy life to get ahead of my health, and found myself in need of some help to lose weight, deal with aches and pains, as well as consider my hormonal changes.
Dr.Ostroff and her team are superb.  The choices and hard work are mine, to be sure, but the treatments, supplements, and one-on-one consultation and coaching are top-notch.
Even after the first treatment, which included body work, acupuncture, and supplements, the pain I’ve been experiencing in my back was gone.  I didn’t even know how uncomfortable I had been until the next day when I had no discomfort!
Since that first treatment six weeks ago, I’ve ‘signed on’ to participate fully in my treatment, and have been eating cleaner, lost several inches, skin/hair look amazing, sleeping like a baby, and wearing clothes I haven’t worn in two years….
It’s an investment in your health that I recommend making.

Joanne R






*Results may vary from person to person.

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