*All I wanted and prayed for was RELIEF from ECZEMA. Since I was a teenager, I have been using steroidal creams for hand eczema. At one time, a gentleman said to me that I should be happy not to have it anywhere else on my body, as if it were any consolation. My hands would feel raw and it hurt to do anything with them. Well, when eczema started to appear on my arms, back, stomach, and legs years later, I remembered the remark from that gentleman and wished it was just on my hands.

Dermatologists would only prescribe more cream and ointment and after learning more about their side effects, I have tried to find relief on my own. Deep down inside I believed that there was a cure for eczema and that alternatives were available but I did not know where to start. By the grace of God, I discovered Dr. Ostroff through an article she had written about the skin. I was hooked and landed an appointment the day after I called her. Tears of joy and victory streamed down my cheeks after my first appointment because I felt like I had finally met a professional who will work with me side by side to see me through this so-called chronic disease.

Dr. Ostroff is a professional who seeks to know your uniqueness and will customize treatments specifically for your recovery. I know it. Every time I showed up for my appointments there was a reason to celebrate. The eczema is becoming weaker because my immune system is becoming stronger (extended use of steroidal creams suppressed my immunity). Not only are my blemishes fading (use of steroidal creams darkened my skin) but the inflammation is gone. I can use my hands without crying because of the pain and frustration. I can work-out without fear of sweating because of the burning sensation. Dr. Ostroff is equipped with years of experience to help people overcome. I would like to think that all doctors are, but what I feel is lacking with traditional doctors is the truth and tenacity to do what is right.

Dr. Ostroff is treating me right and that is why I do not have any words to express how much I appreciate her desire to see people through. Not only does she have the head knowledge, she has the heart to execute what she knows. She could have recommended steroidal creams but it is not in her nature to work against nature. Please inform those you may know with eczema or any ailments about Dr. Ostroff. She is the one many people need for wholesome healing. She also has a pleasant staff who are committed to your recovery. T H A N K Y O U ALWAYS, DR. OSTROFF!!! Thank you, too, Rhonda! ^_^






*Results may vary from person to person.

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