*Dear Dr. Ostroff:

Thank you for helping get my health back together. I had come to you because my ankle was swelling and my stomach was bloated. My tongue has this strange bitter film over it. Its been 2 weeks – I used to cough up mucus from my stomach and so much nasal mucus I used to get up at 2 am to cough it up & nearly choke to death. It is still difficult for me to go strictly vegetarian, but I’ve made some changes to my daily diet. My bowels are good, I never used to have one except for every 3 days. My skin used to be extremely dry – the last 2 weeks it has begun to look moist again. By the way doctor, I quit smoking and drinking soda every day! Cold turkey – the nasal & throat is still trying to adjust and heal. So ive made up my mind that I would be in control of my life and live a healthier lifestyle. Im now bringing my dad is 81 years old – I want him to have a healthier lifestyle & stay healthy forever. I don’t want to live a lesser life of strokes and illnesses. I need to take control of my life now! Thank you.

Levina K.

September 12 2005




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