*My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 after 2 surgery and 7 years of chemotherapy the doctor told us it was time to enjoy life. That is when we decided to seek additional help. After speaking to co-workers and friends, we finally made a call to Dr. Ostroff, who was highly recommended by a friend. Our first visit was scheduled and we prepared ourselves for the consultation visit with my mother’s history. Dates of the surgery and dates of the doctor’s visit, the four of us sat in Dr. Ostroff’s room while she asked about the history of my mother’s health & after a half-hour of questions and an examination she said. “your in great health and you will get better”. We were elated to hear such great news – there was a smile on my mother’s face. The next day we went to the oncologist and said we will see you in a month for a check-up. The month after there was no change in cancer levels, however mom felt great and she started to change the foods she ate. Finally after seeing Dr. Ostroff for 2 months, her cancer levels dropped!! We were all excited! We will continue to see Dr. Ostroff and my mother will get better! Thank you.

Chong Kim

July 18 2009




*Results may vary from person to person.

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