*The question in my mind was, “Do I want to put a poison in my body like chemotherapy? Or do I want to try and heal myself naturally… and maybe cure myself or put myself in remission without poison?”

In November 1994, I was diagnosed with low-grade lymphoma of the bone marrow. It was at Stage 4, but with low grade. This was a slow moving cancer. Dr. Kenneth Sumida was my hematologist at the time and he explained that at the time, treatment was not necessary. Later, when the cancer progressed, I was told that treatments may involve chemotherapy, radiation and bone marrow transplant. All of these treatments scared me, and I knew that I wanted to prevent myself from getting worse by any means I could naturally. I contacted Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff. She agreed with me about my feelings towards treatments, that these treatments would do damage to good cells not only cancer cells.

Dr. Ostroff stressed that diet, raw fruit and vegetables, no animal products, drinking wheatgrass, taking proper supplements and seeing her for regular pressure point body work therapy may reverse the disease or at least keep me healthy and on my way to remission. Also positive thinking- the mind is powerful. This is my goal, to follow natural health measure that give me quality life and hopefully one day help me to get in remission before the disease has time to progress. With Lymphoma it constantly has to be monitored so when the enlargement of my spleen and lymph nodes occurred in my abdomen, I went to Diana Ostroff for treatments. Now my spleen is getting smaller and my health always seems great. I very rarely ever get sick and I feel energetic and healthy. It’s been three years later, no chemo- I feel great!






*Results may vary from person to person.

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