*When I first visited Dr. Ostroff, I was in the midst of a 17-month episode of chronic fatigue, the third such episode in five years. I had a window of about 2 hours each morning where I had enough energy to function and get done the essentials around the house, including preparing the evening meal. By noon, I was exhausted and flat on my back on the sofa. I couldn’t walk up a flight of steps without gasping for breath…


Sitting was uncomfortable and laying down was painful. My weight was spiraling upward at an alarming rate despite an eating regime nutritionists hailed as a model for all. In short, I was afraid I was going to drop dead of a heart attack. All the specialist physicians had nothing more to offer in the way of conventional medical help.I was already being treated for hypothyroidism. Conventional “pharmaceutical” medicine was not helping the chronic fatigue or weight gain. In fact, I was on so much medication that I was constantly suffering from nausea and diarrhea. I didn’t dare leave the house. It was like being on chemotherapy. My desire was to treat my illness with a homeopathic approach. Fortunately, my primary physician was very supportive of my wishes.

Dr. Ostroff listened patiently and attentively during my first visit, to my “tale of woe” and then began her exam. Finally, she explained what she felt were the medical issues and how she planned to treat them. Within three weeks of my initial visit, my chronic fatigue was becoming less chronic and within two months, it was gone completely. Little by little my strength and love of life returned. I felt like “my old self” again. Now, not only is the chronic fatigue syndrome gone, but I am also able to take homeopathic medicines for the other existing medical conditions. After 18 months of the homeopathic care, I am healthier than I’ve been in over 8 years. My primary physician is constantly amazed and pleased with the results of all lab work done and often encourages patients with similar difficulties to take the homeopathic approach to healing. Dr. Ostroff has been a marvelous source of healing, advice and support. There is no doubt whatsoever, that she has a thorough knowledge of alternative medicine. I am so very grateful for all her guidance and support.”

– Lou






*Results may vary from person to person.


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