*It has been a little over 3 months since I began receiving treatment from Dr. Ostroff and not only are my diabetic symptoms non-existent, but my blood sugar levels have decreased by over 200 points! I have also had a tremendous increase in energy, endurance, and strength, which has definitely helped in my ability to care for “Liz” and to carry on my commitment to Mr. E____.

My physical injuries I have had to endure during E____ case as well as the normal wear and tear on any nurse’s hands, feet and back can make for a lot of pain and discomfort in work, especially when working 12 & 24 hour shifts!!!

Thanks to Dr. Ostroff though, through the use of spinal and cranial adjustments and other forms of naturopathic medicine, not only do I continue to receive instant relief upon treatment, but I have been relieved of many old chronic pains and discomforts that I used to take handfuls of “Darvocet” for!Seeking and continuing treatment with Dr. Ostroff has definitely been one of the most worthwhile endeavors that I have taken on. The experience thus far has not only been beneficial but has changed my life. Dr. Ostroff not only is a fine doctor firmly grounded in her knowledge and training, but she is concerned, caring, and compassionate with an excellent “bedside manner”. This makes for such a wonderful sense of healing and wellness as well as a strong positive doctor-patient relationship. I believe in her capabilities as a doctor and I trust her completely with my health and well being. I recommend her to everyone. Don’t wait — make an appointment as soon as you can!

– Lori





*Results may vary from person to person.

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