*I began working with Dr. Ostroff when I moved to Hawaii several years ago, she was my first Naturopathic Doctor.  After years of dealing with Western Medicine and RX’s for Pain and Stress I was in need of alternative help and guidance. After Dr. O  designed a new Diet protocol, Detoxing, exercise and rebalancing regimen I worked for a year on the program.  In the process I lost 35 lbs, normalized bp and Cholesterol.  Yes it was hard work, but well worth it.  I felt blessed to have found the Wisdom to help myself.

I felt amazing and can honestly say Dr. Ostroff saved my life. She was like a Coach and an inspiration all the way and a Joy to work with.  Dr. Ostroff is a gifted healer, a one of a kind who gives her heart to her work.  I Wished I still lived in Hawaii, but I follow her website and books.  You are lucky to have found a dedicated Person of Healing.

Richard B






*Results may vary from person to person.

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