*Dr. Ostroff has helped me with a digestion problem I have had for 11 years.  I have seen many doctors (who wanted to do surgery on my back for my digestion problem) over the years and sometimes they provided temporary relief, but the problems kept returning.  It was a painful time and it impacted my ability to exercise and do normal daily activities.  I am very glad that Dr. Ostroff found me the right supplements to take to help relief my digestion problems, though I had doubt.  Her help and guidance has helped me to lose weight, get exercising again, and feel great!!  You have to be ready to hear what Dr. Ostroff is saying because she is direct and honest.  No one wants to hear that you have to change your diet and exercise more and balance your body, cause we all want to eat what we want, exercise at our own convenience, and don’t even understand what body balance is.  If you’re not ready to change your life, change your eating habits, and increase your exercise to feel better, then she’s not the doctor for you.  I’ve seen negative reviews of Dr. Ostroff and it just tells me that those people were not ready to hear the advice she was giving and not ready to take the steps needed to get better.   If we can spend money on junk food and our own addictions, we can spend the money on a healthier body.  Be strong and take the next step to healing your body!!  P.S.  Her staff is amazing, helpful and makes you feel like you’re at home 🙂

Kuulei G.






*Results may vary from person to person.

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