*In 2003 I traveled to a variety of different countries abroad, including Turkey, Greece, Jordan and Egypt. During my travels I contracted 2 sinus and chest infections and possibly some dysentery. I was medicated with some very strong antibiotics for 2 week. Upon my return I gained 10-15 pounds and was unable to control my weight gain. To top it off I felt horrible and suffered from indigestion after meals. No matter how much I exercised, skipped meals, and dieted, I still felt fatigued and continued to gain weight and became bloated more than ever in my entire life.I went to several doctors and was prescribed antacids and more antibiotic treatment. None of the treatments had a positive effect on my overall health.

As an option I decided to try a naturopath and choose Dr. Ostroff. I was very skeptical and reluctant to try something that I did not believe was in the mainstream. Even after arriving at Dr. Ostroff’s office I nearly walked out thinking that natural medicine could [not] actually help me. Dr. Ostroff sat me down and explained her training, treatments, and what to expect. After our discussion, I was still skeptical but willing to try it “just this once.”Within the first 2 treatments I was feeling better and within 4 treatments I was losing a great deal of weight. The bloating subsided and I’ve been feeling better since. With her dieting advice and medical guidance, I have been thinking clearer, feeling better and am still able to eat almost everything I desire. My life and changed dramatically through treatments with Dr. Ostroff.

– Anonymous




*Results may vary from person to person.

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