*I attended Dr. Ostroff’s seminar this last Monday evening that was filled with amazing information that grabbed me by the heart and soul. Being a kinesiologist and personal trainer myself, I was so intrigued by the way Dr. Ostroff explained how to balance the body and heal the body naturally- with a natural boost from her council, knowledge and experience. There were so many things running through my mind that I wanted to fix…exercise and a base knowledge of nutrition (mainly for weight loss) were not creating the overall balance that my body needed. Due to attending the seminar, I was allotted a complimentary consultation which I immediately scheduled. When I saw Dr. Ostroff for my consultation she tested my on a machine that measures the levels of energy in the body and taught me that not all supplements and natural remedies are designed for all of us. Yes, there are a lot of wonderful products (and a ton of not-so-wonderful products), but depending on your starting point and balances needed there are certain products more effective to individualize your game plan. Dr. Ostroff tested me and suited me to the most recommended supplements. She then performed manual palpitations and acupuncture on my body. Having never before been to a naturopathic doctor before, Dr. Ostroff really helped me realize the benefits of Eastern medicine and showed me what a walking product of her own philosophy she really is. She would not ask you to do anything she has not done before, or has not been tested by the leading naturopathic researchers in the nation, if not the world. I am so excited to start this journey with the Center for Natural Healing and will be posting a follow-up review in the months to follow. Thank you Nicole and Dr. Ostroff for making the start of this process so helpful and wonderful. You are so accommodating, friendly, prompt in follow-up calls and information! I appreciate all of your time and inspiration and so look forward to this next year++ in your care!

Allie D





*Results may vary from person to person.

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