*It has been 5 years since the “miracle birth” of my son. They say the children grow fast and they weren’t kidding. Last weekend after a full day of family activities, after giving my sone his bath and getting him into his pajamas, I turned around to put some things away and when I turned back to tuck him in, he was out. The sand man had done his work for the night on my sone. Diana, I looked at this perfect face of what surely is in reality a sleeping angel. I thought to myself of how good life really is and was overcome by this sleeping miracle that has been blessed upon me.

Before moving to Hawaii in 1989 (I can’t believe I’ve been here this long), I remember making an appointment to see a renowned internist in Los Angeles to see why I might be having some trouble conceiving a child. I had been trying for a few years without any luck. They could not find anything wrong with my wife that would stop conception. The Doctor told me what 2 additional internists told me here in Hawai’i. They believed I had problems in my reproductive system and that surgery was in order. I remember visiting you. You took the time to basically “calm me down,” working on a kind of stress management and you fed me those specific herbs and vitamins which I still joke about to this day. You gave me something with bovine lips, do you remember?

What ever it was it doubled my sperm count and boosted my sex drive about 10x. I’ve just had my second child and she is as precious as my sone, a perfect angel.I can’t imagine how many other men went under a knife when it was more than likely unnecessary, men that never had the luck of an experience of meeting up with a person like yourself, a person that understood the basics of medicine as a natural order of things. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much, Diana.

– Jim






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