*I first started going to Diana Joy Ostroff because I was having an issues with my fibrous breasts exams. I never had pain in the beginning with mammograms until the fibrous breasts started and the pain just seemed to get worse with each exam year after year. Before I knew it my M.D. was having me go back for extra mammogram screening, because I feel that they were sure to find something with all the lumpy bumpies in my breasts. I was really scared that they would find cancer as they did with in my mother, and my sister.
So I thought I would try a different approach to resolve the issue with my breasts. I found a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, here in Hawaii and she put me on a regimen for fibrous breasts. Three days later my husband noticed the lumpy bumpies were gone. I hadn’t even noticed because I didn’t think to look or feel for results that soon.  But he was right…………it was wonderful that my breasts were soft and pliable as a new born baby’s bottom.  I owe it all to Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff.  Here is a BIG, HUGH, THANK YOU…..for saving my breasts, you are wonderful, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Gail M




*Results may vary from person to person.

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