*Dr. Joy Ostroff and her entire staff are AMAZING! They genuinely care about the health and concerns of every patient that walks through their door! Dr. Joy looks at every aspect of your health to get down to the root of all things that may be toxic; she then gets you on a program unique to each individual patient.

When you go to regular doctors, they provide you “miracle” drugs that work immediately, but are temporary fixes that focus on the complaint…not the underlying issue. Dr. Joy finds the root of your health concerns and shows you how to conquer the issue completely, so that it reduces recurrence.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Some patients tend to get impatient because it may take a few weeks until you start to notice that the program that she has created for you is working, but that’s because your body is going to fight the change at the beginning. All of the changes may actually make feel worse in the first week or two…but it’s all uphill from there! Don’t give up! Give her 3 months, and your life will be changed forever! I’ve only been going for about 5 weeks and I’m already seeing results…everywhere! I don’t have headaches anymore, my skin is clearer, my nails are growing super fast, my hair is getting thicker, I have more energy (which is amazing bc I’ve totally eliminated caffeine!), I’m losing fat…and this is just the beginning!

Not only do you feel and see the results, but Dr. Joy retests you the same exact way every time…so you can see for yourself that your health is improving FROM THE INSIDE OUT. What kind of doctor tests their patient’s health the exact same way, each time they visit? She is THAT SURE that you will see results! She backs up that you will feel better and live healthier, if you give it an HONEST try…by not just telling you, but showing you!

Her staff is so welcoming and loving! I love them so much! They totally make you forget the definition of stress! Everyone there has such a big heart and truly cares about their patients!

Highly recommend! You won’t regret it!





*Results may vary from person to person.

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