*Hunter began seeing Dr. Joy last Monday. He came to her with severe asthma, snoring, and obesity (114 lbs.) He is four years old turning five in three weeks. In a week and a half, he has lost 12 lbs. He does not snore or get out of breath and is much calmer. His sweating has almost stopped completely unless he’s outdoors. He also has stopped using a diaper and goes potty on his own completely.

Dr. Joy uses only natural remedies and my son hasn’t suffered from shortness of breath, which was my main concern for him to be a normal child and grow up playing normal things like basketball, football, baseball and all the other things he loves so much. Thanks to Dr. Joy he can now do this!

We love coming to Dr. Joy. My son is much calmer and healthier, and we are a happier family. It will be a continuous journey to goals we are striving for: changing our daily plan and staying focused. Hopefully, it will last for years to come.

I love her for what she has done for our family and my son.






*Results may vary from person to person.

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