*I am taking the time to send you a letter that you can feel free to share with other patients or people considering using your services. I have known you for many years. I know your commitment to assisting people in being all they can be. I have always respected you as a role model of all that you teach. Until recently, I did not feel a need for your services. We were at a social gathering together on Dec. 28. 2008. I mentioned to you that I had been suffering for almost a month with a painful yeast infection. A thick, raw, welty rash was crawling down my inner thighs. It was painful to walk. I had trouble sleeping at night. I had seen my medical doctor, who diagnosed my ailment and gave some traditional creams to heal it. They only seemed to make it worse. I was frightened and uncomfortable, afraid that I would not be able to heal myself. You offered a light; you said with conviction that you knew what could heal this affliction quickly and easily. Still, I tried for another week to deal with it on my own. Finally, at the end of my rope, I called on an emergency basis and you fit me into your busy schedule. I experienced a very powerful acupuncture treatment. You gave me a couple different capsules to dip in a special cream and put inside myself. This was extremely unconventional, but I was desperate for relief. I followed your directions exactly. After one night of treatment, the pain was reduced by at least 50%. it was like a miracle for me. It has now been a little over a week that I started this program. Thanks to you and your knowledge, I am almost completely healed and pain free. Aloha, Linda






*Results may vary from person to person.

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