*I came to find Dr. Ostroff through a web search of acupuncturists in Hawaii. There were many “hits” on my search but I kept coming back to her website. I took it as a sign.

Looking for assistance in conceiving a second child, I turned to Dr. Ostroff for health guidance only to find to my dismay, that my general health was in worse condition than I had originally thought. Throughout my first pregnancy I was plagued with panic attacks that continued even after the birth of my precious daughter. I knew my body was not properly balanced, but Dr. Ostroff found it to be totally out of balance. No wonder I never felt good, was always anxious with bouts of panic, and unable to conceive.

Our first priority was to get me healthy, and let my body recover back to a good state. Dr. Ostroff prescribed supplements, performed acupuncture and counseled me in a way that really connected with me. She also addressed my diet- which was HORRIBLE- and very articulately steered me to a healthier, more nutritious diet. After 1 week of supplements and rethinking what Dr. Ostroff discussed with me about keeping a healthy body – the house of a future baby- I really felt great. I hadn’t felt that wonderful in years. It’s been three weeks now and I feel a life-affirming positive energy. My outlook on life is better and my friends have commented that I look more rested and healthier. These were unsolicited comments by friends who did not know of my lifestyle change and I eagerly shared with them my experience and start of my journey toward wellness with Dr. Ostroff.

I know that whether not we are blessed with another precious baby is up to God, but I feel 100% better knowing if we are so blessed I am doing everything in my power to ensure he or she has a healthy environment (my body) in which to start off life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love you Dr. Ostroff!





*Results may vary from person to person.

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