*The first time I came to Dr. Ostroff, I had recently had major surgery followed by three miserable respiratory infections, which were treated with antibiotics by my conventional doctors. My digestive system had basically stopped functioning and after nearly a week of that, I visited Dr. Ostroff on advice of my massage therapist.

Dr. Ostroff gave me supplements and after reviewing my diet, which wasn’t too awful, Dr. Ostroff prescribed some remedial formulas to deal with my very imbalanced system.After altering my diet somewhat, taking the remedies and the supplements, my digestive tract sorted itself out. It was remarkable to see how naturally capable this organ is in restoring itself to quality function. But without the advice of an educated, experienced, talented, naturopath (that is Dr. Ostroff) my battered system would not have found its way. Actually, though it may sound melodramatic, I felt better than I had for most of my life. I had felt OK, but after learning from and working with Dr. O I feel really good! Thanks!

– Dana, Professional Interior Designer






*Results may vary from person to person.

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