*After only one week with Dr. Ostroff, I have made very significant progress. Physically, I feel better overall. My skin is clear and I am sleeping better. I think the biggest breakthroughs have come emotionally. I am learning about my deepest fears and blocks that have held me back. For a long time I have feared that no man will love me the way I need to be loved. I have believed that I had to settle. Or worse, try to be perfect so that the right man will come into my life. Well, I am who I am. I am a strong woman with opinions of her own.

While I am now learning to be softer, I realize that being softer does not take away from the strength within me. I also understand that my personal power is leading me in another career direction where I would be my own boss. I plan to use this next year to get healthy for me in every possible way. Now that I’ve made these emotional breakthroughs, I am working to practice my new beliefs in my daily life. Love will find me when it is time. I’m no longer waiting for it. I’d rather live my life each day.

– Anonymous




*Results may vary from person to person.

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