*I started having severe and debilitating symptoms that were affecting my ability to work. This took me by surprise because I had never had hormonal problems before, except sometimes for migraines that seemed to be hormonally related, and I have always been in good health (or so I thought).

After two months of misery on hormone replacement therapy, and having tried both synthetic and natural hormones, my hormone imbalance seemed to be much worse and the symptoms were so severe that I had to take a leave of absence from work. It was at this point that I made and appointment with Dr. Ostroff.


I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never been in such despair or such confusion about my health. During the initial consultation, a sense of relief washed over me because I felt that Dr. Ostroff was able to cut through the confusion, and explained that getting my hormones in balance was not just about treating symptoms, and it certainly was not a quick fix. She set me out a goal to get my entire mind, body, and spirit back into balance, and when that happens, the hormones should also be in balance. This not only made sense to me, but it demonstrated a sense of caring on her part to help bring me to optimum health. The simplicity of it is simply elegant.

In addition, she detected a viral infection that we had to work on first. I have quit smoking and drinking coffee. I have changed my diet and am finding positive results from the blood type diet. I have lost some weight, which was unintentional but a welcomed change. I can now see how my past habits and diet led me to a point where I just could not maintain my health, and menopause, as they say, is the mother of all wake up calls. I am now at the point where I do feel much more balanced, have some energy and want start an exercise program that will add even more energy and tone to the body.


In less than two months my hot flashes are much milder and less frequent, to the point where I can finally function during the day. The dizziness is gone and I can drive and go out with confidence. My sleep has improved. I feel so much better and believe that I have only just begun. I should add that during this period, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the stress of the situation added to the challenge. However, in looking back, dealing with my own health issues forced me to take time off, and now this time off is a blessing in that I can spend as much time as possible with my dad, and in helping my family.

On a final note, for those who may know a little about astrology, I find it interesting that this period for me is also marked by what is known as the Chiron return, returning to its natal position. Chiron is a planet symbolized by the shaman of the wounded healer, and surfaces as a theme for all the healing professions. It is a time when many seek alternative ways of healing, and also a time for people to take a personal responsibility for the remainder of their lives.

My father is a doctor and I was always raised to believe in and respect the wonders of modern medicine. I still do, however, this experience has made me realize that there are some aspects of health and healing that mainstream medicine does not do well, and menopause is one of them. Another is the importance of the whole being, and understanding and dealing with underlying causes rather than just treating symptoms . My experience with Dr. Ostroff has been life changing, and I am now looking forward to the rest of my life knowing that the best is yet to come.






*Results may vary from person to person.


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