*After an episode that left me blind in both eyes, my right arm weak, right hand weak, and right leg weak, and a diagnosis of MS, I knew I was in dire straits with my health. I needed serious help with finding my way back to vibrant health. After the attack, my body healed itself to a point where I could function, however I wasn’t feeling good like I did years ago. I didn’t want to get lost in the maze of conventional medicine where you’re given medication to cover up symptoms. I knew it was time to “heal” myself naturally and that’s when I decided to call Dr. Joy. She gave me a specific regimen and nurturing guidance that I followed religiously. After only three weeks of treatment with Dr. Joy, I feel better than I have in two years. With her encouragement and knowledge in natural medicine, I have been able to improve my life/health/outlook drastically. Thank you Dr. Joy.






*Results may vary from person to person.

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