When I arrived here in Oahu for a holiday from Australia, I had no idea I would be leaving on such a joyous note. Dr. Ostroff’s kind and gentle approach along with her knowledge of holistic medicine has resulted in me feeling like a new woman since a serious car accident, I have been plagued for over 2 years with chronic back pain, post traumatic stress and depression. I was addicted to numerous prescription medications and was afraid of life.

Today a day before I head off to Europ on a long vacation, I am ecstatic that I am free from those nasty pills. My back is no longer giving me immesnse pain and I haven’t experienced an anxiety attack. I am very happy. As a young woman of 29 I feel my body is now something which I do not despise.

Over the last 2 years – endless ‘specialists’ appointments, rehab, etc I have spent thousands of dollars with no results. In the few weeks ive been seeing Dr. Ostroff I feel ‘new again’ and thank her dearly for helping me get my life back.

Christina C

May 29 1999





*Results may vary from person to person.

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