*Changed my life! Since May of 2015 I have been seeing Doc. Joy for help rebalancing my hormones, alleviating horrible allergies to dust and mold and in supporting me kicking up my commitment to an even higher level of health-body, mind and spirit ……Although busy, she is always generous with her time working with me patiently. I understand that for many people this approach(acupuncture, natural-pathy, herbal remedies..) is not quick enough or seems unfamiliar. But over the years I have come to trust non-Western approaches & it is not about a quick fix or band-aiding over symptoms as Western medicine often does. I have learned to trust her expansive knowledge and experience along with my own intuition as my body fluctuates and heals. It is a time commitment and worthy expense and commitment to take the various Chinese herbs vs one allergy medicine tablet but I have had such deeper level relief and healing and overall wellness that I am committed!!  I also have found that she is quite willing to work with me and my insurance. I feel very lucky to have found her and her office of caring staff after moving here from the mainland!

Melyssa C





*Results may vary from person to person.

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