*I’m not a review writing dude. I spend my time enjoying the time, instead of spending the time critiquing someone’s business via Yelp public platform. I want to share our experience because it was life changing in many ways. A critique worthy of my time.

My wife had suddenly, for no apparent reason began to develop small irritating patches of skin that started to crack and bleed. The symptoms became severe. So severe, it looked like she stuck her arms directly in the campfire. She and I went to the dermatologist. He stepped into the patient room, looked at the condition, stated it was a severe form of eczema. Prescribed two different steroid creams. & minutes later he disappeared. She used the creams for a few weeks, then she began educating herself on how the steroid creams were potentially dangerous over long periods of treatment. She stopped taking the steroids and immediately went into relapse. Had to be another way? I suggested she consult with a Natural Healing Doctor.

My wife has always been conscious of her eating habits, and nutritional intake. I read some of this Yelp to see what the “critics” have to say about Dr. Joy.

I read the negative comments, so I immediately became judgmental, and then skeptical of Dr. Joy. I wanted Dr. Joy to be aware that I’m a savvy Yelp user (not) and that I read the 1 star stuff! During my wife’s consultation, Dr Joy suggested a treatment plan. However, even though my wife is not a Doctor, she believes she knows better than the doctor. My wife basically wanted to design her own plan based on Dr Joy’s plan. When my wife told Dr Joy that she didn’t want to do certain parts of her treatment because “she didn’t need them”, Doctor quickly fired back, “do you want to become well?”. At that moment, I understood why people 1 star Dr. Joy. She’s taken a role in life to help others. If she gives some medicine that you don’t wish to take, you may not want to hear it, even though she’s a documented expert in her field. Joy is straight and blunt, with a very caring heart. Her support staff is absolutely amazing in every way. More knowledge of Health, Healing, and Beauty than we could’ve ever imagined. We opened our mind to Dr Joy’s methods and her practices. Too funny, my wife would sometimes not like what Joy would say or how Joy would say it….be we would always laugh after and she would say….I know, Dr Joy is right LOL!!

After one year of severe pain and unthinkable suffering physically, spiritually, and emotionally, my wife is no longer suffering from eczema. My advice; If you consult with Dr Joy and you do not wish to take her suggestions or the way she tells you, please don’t make it Joy’s fault that you don’t want to hear it! Natural Healing is an amazing process. Wait for the Miracle before you Yelp crap about an amazing DOCTOR.

Patrick M





*Results may vary from person to person.

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