*Since I had my son five years ago, my menstrual cycle has been abnormal. I would spot for 5 days, my regular cycle would last another 5, and I would have a very heavy flow and pain. Western doctors told me I had three options: live with it, get on the pill to control it, or get a hysterectomy.In desperation I found Dr. Ostroff.

Through an amazing consultation in which she asked the questions no one else had ever asked, acupuncture, and supplementation, Dr. Ostroff “cured” me within 3 weeks. I had my first normal menstrual cycle in five years. The products she gave me really seemed to work with my body. I could actually feel that I needed them. Dr. Ostroff’s natural healing compliments my healthy lifestyle in a way no western doctor could.

– Shelby, Homemaker






*Results may vary from person to person.

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