*Two years ago I developed a recurring dry skin rash on my face.  My doctor in NY prescribed me steroid cream without even looking at it.  It showed up again when I moved to Oahu and my doctor on the island did the same thing.  Without trying to determine if I was staying hydrated, if I had any mineral/nutrient deficiencies, if it could be an allergic reaction to beauty products, they just tossed me a tube of steroid cream without a second thought.  I trashed my prescription and went to Dr. Joy.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Joy for over a month, I’ve had 5 or 6 sessions with her.  My stubborn rash is completely gone now and without any topical creams/ointments.  I truly healed from the inside out.  Besides the rash, I have no medical issues and am on no prescription medications.  I was simply seeking perfect health.  One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Joy is that she meticulously analyzes the whole picture to get your body in tip top shape.  Diet, beauty routine, stress levels, medications are all considered.

I was surprised to experience such mental clarity following just a few sessions.  Over the past two years I have had a short attention span, lots of anxiety and low energy.  I just thought it was my personality.  After some herbal supplements, acupuncture and diet alterations I feel amazing!  It’s very refreshing to feel so energized, balanced and motivated.  I’ve gotten more work done this month than I have the past three months!  I sleep soundly and comfortably and anxiety is at a minimum.

The office is very clean, the staff is warm and welcoming and have always been happy to accommodate my schedule.  As for Dr. Joy, she is a glowing, empathetic, professional and nurturing person who radiates health and positive energy.  She truly wants to help you feel your best.  I’ve never felt pressured or obligated to sign up for something or to buy anything from her.  I find it strange that some of these reviews are so negative and I just don’t feel like these reviews reflect the quality of her work.  If they are so suspicious and doubtful of alternative medicine, why did they come in the first place?  Her website has handwritten testimonials from clients for anyone interested and there is a binder full Thank You letters in the waiting room.

Melissa D.





*Results may vary from person to person.

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