*I had a blast letting her treat me. The machine she used on me was wicked cool, I’ll admit; I thought it might be rigged you know? Like, maybe she was just pushing buttons?

No, it totally worked. She gave me some probiotics, something to help with my random sugar craving, and a supplement to help with my protein intake/detox.

I feel way, way, better. It’s always funny how you think you know you’re body; and you think you’re healthy. Until someone shows you, haha, no, no you aren’t.

She can be a little forthright about it, but; she’s a DR, so deal with it dudes. That’s the whole point of going to see one right? Because we know something’s wrong; and we just need someone to be the grown up for us to tell us what’s wrong.

It’s been about four weeks since I saw her; and the cravings are gone, I’ve shed those last three pounds I needed gone, and I can honestly say I feel better than before.

Doug D.






*Results may vary from person to person.

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