*I am so glad I was referred here! When I moved to the island I left behind a wonderful doctor who helped me recovery a major health crisis. I had recovered but then symptoms began to reappear. We couldn’t pinpoint the issue or slow down the weight gain and inflammation despite numerous (and expensive) allergy tests and bloodwork.

When I started working with Dr. Ostroff, I was unfamiliar with her diagnostic tool (EAV) – but the recommendations for supplementation based on it were very close to that of my previous doctor. I did some research on the machine and its use in Europe – it is pretty amazing when you see it in action and understand how it works. We have, with the help of the EAV, been able to adjust the supplements that balance my energy. I recently noticed that I was feeling bad after having my morning smoothie – phlegmy like an allergic type reaction. I took the ingredients to the office and we tested me with them. I suspected which it was but said nothing to Dr. Ostroff. The testing revealed that indeed, one of them greatly imbalanced me. It was the ingredient I suspected.  When I eliminated it from my smoothie, I could tell the difference.

I did the thermography test – I went knowing I have an issue with inflammation but the test revealed several areas where my previous doctor had not considered. We’ve focused on those areas (predominantly the lymph system) over the past few weeks and I can really tell a difference. I plan to retake the test at some point in the future to see what changes we have made. I had never encountered a zerona laser before and it has been amazing for treating my randomly painful joints, bruises, reducing fat, smoothing stretch marks, and stimulating my lymph system, all of which are helping my body heal and become strong again.

The people I work with are asking what I’m doing because the change has been so dramatic. I’ve lost a full clothing size. I no longer drink coffee in the morning – I just don’t need it because I have good energy all day long. My sugar cravings are almost completely gone, and my other complaints are greatly diminished. My joints are not as achy and stiff. My stamina is increasing and my skin is amazingly clear for the first time in my life.

I am taking advantage of all of the services offered – I feel like I deserve it because my health is the most important thing I have. I love the massage, the gentle chiropractic manipulations, the zerona laser, and the acupuncture treatments. I’m learning to love the WBV exercise and the sauna as well!

Yes, the office is a part of a house. Yes, you take your shoes off as a sign of respect. Yes, the whole place is clean – no, I’ve never seen used needles on the floor, or other trash for that matter. It is a peaceful experience entering the office where you are greeted by a member of the staff and offered water. The water is amazing – it is alkaline water and it tastes great. (I have purchased the same type of water filter they have in the office because it is so good.) It is like a healing oasis there!

I would recommend Dr. Ostroff to anyone.

Kari L.





*Results may vary from person to person.

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