*The past year and a half I’ve been suffering from a variety of post menopausal like symptoms that my regular physicians were at a loss to help me with. Pills and surgery were their answers. So I turned to the natural way and went to Dr Ostroff about 3 mos ago. She wanted to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. So with a combination of herbs, acupuncture, and diet monitoring we got underway. Within 3 wks, my hot flashes stopped. I used to have hot flashes/night sweats 4x/day like clockwork. Now, I rarely have a hot flash at all and get a decent night sleep to boot. I also have energy after a long day at work, whereas before I’d plop into bed at 4pm to rest and drag myself out to make a quick dinner and go back to bed. Now I head straight to the kitchen after work to prepare home cooked family meals. I have energy and mental clarity. Gone are the mental fogginess, anxiety attacks, and feeling mentally overwhelmed. I am feeling better than i’ve ever felt within the past 5 years. To top it off, at my last regular doctors check up, they were pleased with my improved test results (I had anemia, joint aches, and cholesterol) and tell me to keep doing whatever I had been doing. Even my family noticed the difference because they have a healthier mommy back.

Estelle M





*Results may vary from person to person.

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